Inspired Sliding Doors

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Inspired Sliding Doors, performance and elegance combined

Our doors feature signature slimline sash and tracks with polyamide thermal barriers that allow dual colour painting allowing inside and outside to be different colours

Inspired sliding doors deliver optimum performance and are tested to the highest standards to guarantee reliability. The strong, thermally broken highly engineered aluminium sections extruded by the country’s leading aluminium manufacturer enable the creation of dramatic sliding sashes with thin site lines and increase glazed area without reducing thermal or weather resistance. Special sliding mechanisms enable even the largest sashes to slide open and close smoothly, whatever the size. When closed these large sliding doors form a thermally efficient glass facade, a wonderful way to flood a space with light and enjoy beautiful views. The thermal performance of the aluminium sections is enhanced with polyamide thermal barrier technology, enabling the doors to exceed the performance of the current building regulations. Sliding sashes will accept a range of glazing options, including double or triple glazed units up to 29mm.

If you desire a wider than normal clear opening, our doors have the option of utilising a triple track system that allows multiple slider to open in the same direction at once, giving two thirds clear opening. Where an application requires a sliding door that will perform to the most extreme performance: either very large oversized openings or the most severe weather conditions, or ‘Superglide’ extreme performance sliding door offers the ideal solution. Styled with the same clean aesthetics as You can have peace of mind knowing your home security is assured with high security multi-point hook locking mechanisms fitted as standard, with additional security of internally glazed sashes.

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